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Pre-treatment Forms

In order to provide the best care for you, we require you to fill in a patient registration e-form prior to your appointment. This can be found at , you will need to register to create a secure online account to submit your information.

If this is your first visit, please allow time to do so before your appointment.

Patient Courtesy

Staff at Newington Dental Care reserve appointments just for you. By attending your appointment on time, we are able to offer punctual services to all patients. We understand that you may have an important and busy schedule, so we advise you of the expected length for your appointment and endeavour to meet these expectations. We do apologise for any unexpected delays, but we aim to give you the same attention and care as soon as possible.

If circumstances arise that may affect your appointment with us, please notify us as soon as possible, at least 48 hours prior notice is required. NDC can get very busy and booked out. A missed or cancelled appointment time may be of particular use to another person who wishes to see one of our dentists. Before arranging another appointment, please think carefully about the impact of this on your dental health. It may be quite some time before you can book your next appointment with us.

Important: an inability to notify us of your cancellation may lead to a fee being charged for the booked time.