Conscious Sedation and Pain Control

Pain Relief and Relaxants

Dr. Keith Hengpoonthana has completed the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry for Conscious Sedation and Pain Control with the University of Sydney. It is the only training course in Australia that allows a dentist to be endorsed by the Dental Board of Australia to perform conscious sedation.

Conscious sedation involves a drug-induced depression of consciousness delivered intravenously (IV sedation) or ingested in a tablet/liquid form (oral sedation), but to the level at which you are still able to respond to verbal communication. Typically this can make patients drift into a state of drowsiness and time seems to pass quickly. This is ideal for patients very anxious about dental treatment, those with a severe gag reflex, and complex surgical procedures e.g. impacted wisdom teeth removal.

We also have available nitrous oxide sedation (“Happy gas”), due to its safe track record and the ability for it to wear off quickly after the procedure, it is an ideal adjunct to help manage anxiety and fear associated with various dental procedures.

Please talk to our dentists about the various options to help make your dental visit as comfortable as possible.

Extractions and Wisdom Teeth surgery