Digital X-Ray Imaging

We use the Scan-X digital x-ray imaging system to help with diagnosing dental problems. With the Scan-X, you are exposed to only a very small amount of radiation, no more than what you are exposed to after a day in the sun. Because the digital radiographs are taken in a split second and processed just seconds later, the process is extremely efficient.

Radiography are a necessary part of treatment, as they help the dentist detect any conditions not immediately visible in the mouth such as: decay between teeth and under existing fillings, bone levels (due to periodontal disease), and damage caused by infected or abscessed teeth.

A special type of radiograph called an OPG (a full mouth x-ray) is useful for diagnosing conditions that would otherwise go unnoticed e.g. damage to the jawbone, impacted teeth, and the presence of cysts or tumours. We have on site the latest OPG imaging technology, featuring enhanced clarity and quick results.

Machine, Sink Faucet, Lamp

If you are pregnant, please advise your dentist so precautions can be taken to safely minimise exposure.

Digital X-Ray Imaging