Family Preventative Dental Care

Family and Children’s Dentistry in Newington, Olympic Park and Wentworth Point

On your first initial comprehensive examination we’ll take the time to discuss any concerns you may have about your teeth and gums, prevention strategies, various treatment options available and how to maintain dental health in the long term.

We utilise high resolution photography and digital low radiation x-rays to assist in working together with you to formulate a treatment plan that is customised to your needs. Our staff will make no judgment about the existing state of your dental health, we are here to help and encourage the promotion of long term health no matter where you are at.

We will provide ALL options for treatment, stating advantages and disadvantages of each, they are treatment of which we ourselves would provide to our own families and without any preconceived judgment as to whether you can afford it or not. We strongly believe you have a choice in treatment and how it is provided, knowing that you are fully informed with all the options, we are here to support you.

Regular visits reduces the incidence of debilitating infections due to tooth decay and gum disease. Early intervention can save the need for extensive and costly treatment! We call this active maintenance appointments…. being proactive in maintaining your dental health.

Newington Dental Care supports families in Newington, Silverwater, Sydney Olympic Park, Wentworth Point, Rhodes, Lidcombe, Homebush, Liberty Grove and Auburn.

Family Preventative Dental Care in Newington