Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

Root canal treatment (also known as endodontic treatment) is employed to remove infection from inside the tooth and seal it from recurrent infection. Modern technology has allowed the procedure to be more comfortable, effective and efficient. This procedure has allowed many patients to retain an infected tooth that would otherwise have been lost due to extraction.

Our dentists will use a specialised drill along with dental drill pieces called files to reach into the canal of your tooth. The dentist will then remove the inflamed or infected pulp, refill the canal with special fillings and seal the pulp chamber to prevent any bacteria from re-entering the canal.

Root canal treatment is preferred over extraction as real teeth will always function better than artificial teeth can, and are much stronger and more efficient at biting and chewing than artificial teeth. Even after root canal treatment has been carried out, the tooth will still survive because the surrounding tissue will nourish this tooth.

Root canal threatment and therapy at Newington Dental Care services the areas of Newington, Silverwater, Sydney Olympic Park, Wentworth Point, Rhodes, Lidcombe, Homebush, Liberty Grove and Auburn.

Root Canal Treatment